Monday, March 2, 2009

A family affair......

For me I do not think Barbecue would be near as rewarding if it were not for the support and love of my family. I am not one of those guy's that goes to a contest and acts like a kid in a candy store. I have seen those guy's. They are just there for their own pleasure and to me I couldn't imagine my parents or grandparents ever doing that to me. Leaving me or other members of the family alone while they wandered from camp site to camp site, flirting with others, eating everyone's BBQ and coming up to your camp wanting to talk about absolutely nothing of importance or ask you if you have seen their kid's. It's sad but barbecue means a lot of different things to different people. I also hate it at those same competitions when people cuss in front of women and children in public and I get extremely upset when people are doing it in front of my family. That's one part of the competition that I hate to see. Unfortunately I think those guy's are all over in the BBQ world and those guy's are part of the reason I think BBQ sometimes get's such bad publicity. The thing I love most though about competitions is that to me they are a wonderful time to spend with family and to teach them about something that they can use or enjoy for a life time is more rewarding than anything. My daughters are some of my best critics and by that I don't mean they like or defend everything I cook. Having little Texans in a barbecue household is like having an Irishmen in a beer pub, so I learn a lot by having their honest opinions of what I cook. They will tell you what they think unlike some of your friends. Having them by my side along with my wife and little boy is something I truly love about the competitions. Last year they took 1st and 2nd place in porkchops out of 13 kids in the 12 and under category at the Texas WTBA State Championship. They were 10 and 6 at the time and I was very very proud. They picked out their own rubs, seasoned their own chops and did everything but put the meat on the pit. For me I got more out of that than any BBQ award I have ever won. It's almost like me showing up to a cookoff full of 60 year olds and beating them. They learned about porkchops at home because that's the only thing they can cook when daddy's cooking. To me I think it all starts at home and you never know when your advise will kick into play. It's very rewarding being able to share something you love with your family and friends and seeing them so excited about things that mean so much to you is why I think we do what we do.



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  2. Hey Chris - way to keep it you are True BBQ!!! There are lessons for everyone in what you're writing! Let it be said though, if we're ever cooking a contest together, you and all your family are invited to our site. Keep it up my friend!