Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to the neighborhood......

This weekend I had the pleasure of cooking for a wonderful family here in Midland. They are great friends of ours and just recently moved into our neighborhood. They decided to have a birthday party/housewarming party and invited over about 40 of their closest friends and family. I volunteered to do all the cooking so we decided on a menu of a couple of pork butts, two whole chickens, three sausage links, three racks of pork spare ribs, some BBQ beans and about 20 chicken breasts. It was devoured in about 45 minutes, however the overall process to make it happen took most of the day. Overall it turned out to be a great success and an opportunity for some great things in the future.

The chickens turned out great. They were left intact for the guests to cut off thier own pieces. The ribs turned out fine but were not my typical competition ribs that I like to cook. I made the rub and sauce for the ribs from a book entitled Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food by Karen Putman. The sauce was a variation of the Cherry Chipotle BBQ sauce that I was able to use on just about everything. The beans turned out great as well as the pork butt's. I was disappointed in the first one however the second one that we pulled later in the night was by far on of the better butt's I have cooked. It had a great bark and a nice smoky flavor from being left on the pit.

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