Friday, February 12, 2010

Crawling in Memphis......

I'm sure most people have heard the song "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn. It's about spirituality and embracing a wonderful magical place. Although Marc went there with musical inspiritaions he ended up with a spiritual awakening. In Memphis there is something for everyone and my reason was Barbecue. For many year's Memphis has been recognized not only for it's music but for it's Barbecue. Being from Texas we are always being asked what we think of the other BBQ Regions. Until now I have never been able to answer that question.

For the past several month's and even more so in my mind for the past several years, I have been planning the ultimate trip to Memphis. I have always wanted to go to Memphis but did not know when , how, or who I would go with. Last year the NBBQA presented the opportunity and a reason for me to go. They selected Memphis as the host city for their 2010 Conference. Who not better to go with then my dear friends Danielle, Kelly, Joey, and Dave. Everything began coming together for me so we spent the next several month's planning it all out.

Once we all arrived in Memphis our inspirations for some good bbq barbecue fell by the way side and the spiritual energy that we felt in Texas was once again present. We all took something away from the conference and once again things continued to happen that you just cant plan.

It was another great conference and it was amazing to finally touch, taste, and feel all the barbecue that I have been reading about. The food itself does not hold a candle in my opinion to what Texas has to offer but the people and atmosphere of Memphis is what makes their BBQ so special. Of all the memories that I will take away from Memphis the best part was once again being able to spend time with everyone in our group and to finally come face to face with so many people that I deeply respect.

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